Abrasives & Industrial Coatings


Media Type
Grit Sizes
Glass Beads BT-6, BT-8, BT-10, BT-12, BT-13
Garnet 36, 30-60, 80, 120
Copper Slag 20-50, 30-60, 40-120
Kieserite (MaxxStrip) PF2 Pool Formula
Steel Grit 50, 80
Aluminum Oxide 36, 60, 80, 120, 180, 220
Baking Soda XL
Crushed Glass 40-70
Walnut Shells 18-40

If the Material you are looking for is not listed, please call 602-269-6279

Industrial Coatings

Pecks Coating Supply is a full-line distributor for PPG and Carboline Protective Coatings as well as MIL SPEC and DOD paints.

Please call to inquire about our coatings options.

industrial coatings
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